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Exosomes regenerate and restore the skin, stimulate fibroblasts with increased synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, help form new blood vessels and pascular tissue permeability, reduce induced oxidative stress, fine expression lines, hyperpigmentation due to photodamage.


atonic skin, all signs of chronoaging, uneven complexion, scars and stagnant post-acne spots, in complex acne treatment programs, to alleviate the condition of atopic dermatitis, dry, dehydrated skin; for any morphotype of aging, sensitive skin, for preparation and rehabilitation after plastic surgery; trichology, various types of alopecia, poor quality of hair and scalp, skin inflammation, hair loss, recovery after hair transplant, preparation for hair transplant


It can be used both with mesoroller, dermapen and intradermal injection.

Recommended course:3-5 procedures with a break of 2 weeks between procedures.

The course of procedures may vary, depending on the condition of the patient’s skin.


27 billion exosomes in a special solution per 1 ml

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