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Hair Gensis Oil Essence

Hair Gensis Oil Essence

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Natural HairGenesis oil, saturated with fatty acids and lipids, promotes hair shine, forms a thin protective layer on the strands, which helps retain moisture in the hair, evens out its structure, adds shine and protects from external and mechanical damage. It is especially recommended to use after perm and hair coloring. Active patented complex: 5-ala acid and vitamin C prevents hair loss and promotes new hair growth.


Prevents hair loss and promotes new hair growth.


After shampooing, apply Oil Essence to damp hair and let them dry completely. For added hydration, reapply Oil Essence after drying. The usage can be combined with other HAIR GENESIS products.


Natural Oils, 5-Ala-acid, Vitamin C, Silk peptides, Vitamin E, Herb Extracts, Resveratrol.

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