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Bio Pen™

Bio Pen Q2 by Dr. Pen EMS LED Micro Current Pen

Bio Pen Q2 by Dr. Pen EMS LED Micro Current Pen

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BioPen Q2 Microneedling Pen, is an advanced microneedling pen that seamlessly combines three powerful beauty technologies: Microneedling, EMS Electroporation, and LED light therapy.

Designed to bring the best microneedling pen for beauty enthusiasts, this powerful device offers triple-effect skin rejuvenation for unparalleled results like never before.

The Bio Pen Q2 Microneedling Pen is powerful and versatile, as it can give a range of benefits, such as anti-ageing, skin firming, and scarring reduction, all in with a single microneedling tool.

  • Triple effects Rejuvenate the skin
  • Microneedling: Accelerate skin repair
  • EMS Electroporation: Promote skin collagen synthesis
  • LED skin care: Calm and soothes skin
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