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Gloriosa Fill

Gloriosa Fill

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GLORIOSA FILL - PLLA - Liquid Thread Lifting of the Future. Gloriosa Fill: the secret to a flawless Face Lift with the power of polylactic acid.
Formulated with polylactic acid (PLLA), this innovative product delivers exceptional results when used with microneedling techniques.


restore the structure and function of the dermis by stimulating the natural formation of collagen in the skin.


Dilution: Use 5ml of saline solution or meso solution to dissolve the PLLA particles. The choice between saline solution and meso solution will depend on the patient's skin type and the specific condition being treated.
Rest Time: Allow the solution to rest according to the manufacturer's instructions, which allows the PLLA particles to be properly hydrated.
Patient Preparation:
Pre-Consultation and
Conduct a detailed evaluation of the patient's skin, review their medical history, and obtain their informed consent.
Cleaning the Treatment Area: Clean and disinfect the area to be treated to minimize the risk of infection.
Allergy Test: Although uncommon, an allergy test should be performed before applying the full treatment.
Product Application (Every 15 days, depending on the technique used)
Maximum of 4 sessions in 1 year.


Poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA) - 41% - 82 mg, CMC - carboxymethylcellulose - 24% - 48 mg, Mannitol - 35% - 70mg

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