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Adaptive Skin Probio Toner

Adaptive Skin Probio Toner

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The unique ultra high density Toner effectively cleanses the skin and prepares for further hydration. It works like liquid serum, stimulates the regeneration processes, smooths the skin surface, improves elasticity, strengthens, stimulates and supports the skin’s immunity. It effectively cleanses the skin, removing makeup residues and environmental pollution, and prepares the skin for the further application of next products, depending on the chosen procedure. Already at this stage, the skin begins to become saturated with moisture, its elasticity and firmness increase.


Super Enriched Ultra-β-Glucan Toner for All Skin Types


Apply an appropriate amount of the toner onto cleansed skin morning and evening. Massage until absorbed.


patented peptides Wrinkle-Free J316 ™, Triple M Complex ™, Beta-glucan, Copper tripeptide -1, Grapefruit extract, Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, Shea butter, Ascophyllium, Rice enzyme, Mistletoe enzyme, Soy enzyme, Emperor root enzyme.

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