Collection: PPS | Post Plastic/Procedure Surgery

The unique PPS skincare line helps speed up the process and bring closer the moment of complete satisfaction – these are safe and highly effective sterile mono doses of specific action products for the rehabilitation period after cosmetic procedures and after plastic surgery.

The new formula developed by Korean bio scientists and the sterility of the products perfectly solves skin problems associated with any damage of its upper layer.

When choosing a sterile monodose of the PPS skincare line, it is important to consider the stage of the skin regeneration process:
In the first stage of healing, it is best to use a less dense formulation – PPS Repair Gel. It helps provide air access, reduce tissue swelling and begin to accelerate the regeneration process. An important feature is the water-soluble base of the Gel, which helps to carry the components into the deeper layers of the skin and does not interfere with the drying of the skin surface.

PPS Repair Cream is perfect to use after initial healing. It creates a breathable protective film that protects delicate granulation (new) tissue from damage and stimulates cell division process. Especially indicated for light burns, including sunburn, dry and peeled skin, cracks. Not recommended for wet wounds