Collection: Megapolis | For Tired And Stressed Skin


MEGAPOLIS skincare are a special care, with stress control, capable of minimizing not only age-related changes, but also harm from the environment.

The skin of the inhabitants of megalopolises is prone to irritation and allergies, age spots and rashes. The air in big cities is full of dust, exhaust fumes, smoke and dirt. These harmful substances are deposited on the face, as a result, the skin becomes dull. To minimize this harm, a special series of MEGAPOLIS preparations has been developed, taking into account all the features of life in giant cities such as Seoul, Moscow and other cities.

The skin reacts to an unhealthy environment primarily by the loss of moisture. Because of this, metabolic processes and regenerative function are disrupted, the skin of the face dries and flakes. A series of MEGAPOLIS preparations will solve the problem, with regular use of which the face acquires a healthy glow.