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New Generation Photosensitizer For Pdt

The ALA FACTOR complex is a holistic approach to the creation of the main aspect of beauty: clean, firm and even skin tone. Such skin will become an ideal base for any face corrections, be it fillers, mesotherapy, botox, threads or plastic surgery. The ALA FACTOR includes a professional PDT procedure with a special thermodynamic photosensitizer gel with 2% 5-ALA and home care preparations with 5-ALA combined with peptides, which provide a prolonged effect after the procedure and healthy skin, so that further aesthetic manipulations will keep your natural beauty. A collaboration of biochemists, pharmacists, dermatologists, cosmetologists has created an effective complex of effects on the skin with a unique component – stabilized 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) in combination with peptides. The “Source of Life” 5-ALA is a naturally occurring amino acid produced in the mitochondria (the energy factory of cells) and is the raw material for proteins involved in energy production.

External changes in the skin are the result of “breakdowns” inside the cells. Over time, the human body ceases to cope with the natural process of eliminating not good cells, their number increases and external skin changes become more and more obvious. In order to stop this process, ALA FACTOR works specifically with old damaged skin cells, leaving only healthy cells to divide.

Korean scientists have successfully integrated ALA FACTOR into a highly effective photodynamic therapy (PDT) technology that helps to visibly improve skin quality at the cellular level.

Photodynamic therapy is widely used in the practice of a cosmetologists and dermatologists, as it has shown itself to be effective not only in the treatment of skin diseases, but is also successfully used to rejuvenate and improve the skin. The method of photodynamic therapy with the application of the ALA FACTOR photosensitizer attracts the attention of many specialists due to its safety, efficacy and painlessness, and the absence of serious side effects.

The effectiveness of the technique is based on the principle of Hormesis (from the Greek. Hórmēsis, rapid movement, striving) – the stimulating effect of moderate doses of stressors; stimulation of any body system by external influences that are insufficient for the manifestation of harmful factors.

With PDT, selective elimination of damaged structures of the epidermis and dermis and normalization of metabolism in cells, their proliferation, optimization of melanogenesis and angiogenesis by means of a photochemical reaction activated by light energy take place. This reaction requires the presence of a photosensitive substance (photosensitizer) in the target tissue and the presence of a light source with a wavelength corresponding to the absorption maximum of this substance. This reaction results in the formation of singlet oxygen (O2).

Stabilized 2% 5-aminolevulinic acid, the main active ingredient in ALA FACTOR thermoactive gel, is an inducer of endogenous protoporphyrin IX synthesis. Excitation of protoporphyrin IX leads to the subsequent production of reactive (singlet) oxygen, which has the following therapeutic effects: stimulation of your own antioxidant system; acceleration of metabolic reactions and regeneration processes; elimination of inflammatory processes; increasing breathing efficiency, eliminating hypoxia.