Stabilized 5-Aminolevulinic Acid

JeuDerm has 3 patents on sinthesys technology method of stabilized 5-ALA Acid in South Korea for skincare products.

5-ALA Acid is one of the naturally occurring amino acids produced in the mitochondria, called the energy factory of cells, and an important substance that is the raw material for proteins involved in energy production.

In the human body, 5-ALA Acid activates energy production in the intracellular mitochondria. ATP is produced in the mitochondria, which is a source of energy for metabolic processes in cells. For this reason, ALA is referred to as an “energy activating component” or “cell activating component”.

5-ALA Acid is a type of amino acid originally produced by mitochondria in the body, but the peak amount in the body is 17 years old, and after that, the amount produced decreases with age and stress. The amount of 5-ALA Acid produced in the body decreases due to aging, stress and inappropriate eating habits. As 5-ALA Acid production decreases, the mitochondria’s capacity for energy production decreases. which is considered one of the reasons for the feeling of dry and dull skin.

Light at specific wavelengths stimulates cellular metabolism, activates enzymes, increases ATP production, and increases blood flow. The process speeds up the restoration of cell metabolism and improves the overall condition of the skin.

5-ALA Acid plays a very important role in maintaining skin firmness and health. This is why adding 5-ALA Acid externally is important for your skin’s health.

5-ALA Acid (5-aminolevulinic acid) “won the Multifunctional Material Award for Excellence in the Food and Health Award 2020 Material / Ingredient Category.


Photodynamic therapy is widely used in the practice of cosmetologists, as it has proven to be effective not only in the treatment of skin diseases, but is also successfully used for rejuvenating and healing the skin. The photodynamic therapy technique with the application of the photosensitizer ALA FACTOR attracts the attention of many specialists due to its safety, effectiveness and painlessness, and the absence of serious side effects.

The effectiveness of the technique is based on the principle of Hormesis (from the Greek hórmēsis, rapid movement, aspiration) – the stimulating effect of moderate doses of stressors; stimulation of any body system by external influences that are insufficient for the manifestation of harmful factors. 

With PDT, there is a selective elimination of damaged structures of the epidermis and dermis and normalization of metabolism in cells, their proliferation, optimization of melanogenesis and angiogenesis using a photochemical reaction activated by light energy. This reaction requires the presence of a photosensitive substance (photosensitizer) in the target tissue and the presence of a light source with a wavelength corresponding to the maximum absorption of this substance. This reaction produces singlet oxygen (O2).

Stabilized 2% 5-aminolevulinic acid is the main active ingredient in the thermoactive gel ALA FACTOR and is an inducer of the synthesis of endogenous protoporphyrin IX. Excitation of protoporphyrin IX leads to the subsequent production of reactive (singlet) oxygen, which has the following therapeutic effects:

stimulation of one’s own antioxidant system;

acceleration of metabolic reactions and regeneration processes;

elimination of inflammatory processes;

increasing breathing efficiency, eliminating hypoxia.