About jeuderm

Bio-scientific and bio-pharma laboratory of JEUDERM from South Korea with its R&D laboratory and high-tech production facilities, which focuses all its efforts on the development and research new active ingredients such as synthesis of patented stabilized 5-Ala acid, Highly purified Exosomes, PCL, PLLA, PDRN, peptide complexes, highly purified beta-glucan and the production of cosmeceuticals & mesoceuticals of JEUDERM , which helps in the fighting against various skin problems skin: photoaging, wrinkles, dark circles, acne, atopic dermatitis, hair loss and etc.

JEUDERM was established in 2012. Based on the long experience in bio chemistry and aesthetic field , JeuDerm team created its own bio-pharma laboratory and worldwide known company. A breakthrough of the company in the world of medical  cosmeceuticals is the creation of JEUDERM brand!

Inspired by outstanding results, passionately committed to his idea  JeuDerm R&D center have developed a number of exclusive ultra-effective skin care and mesoceuticals products and the best quality of professional cosmeceutical products for their customers in beauty industry world.


  • We produce only pure and trustworthy cosmeceuticals and mesoceuticals products with special care for the skin.
  • We use only those active ingredients that we personally produced in our products.
  • We accurately keep the dosage of active ingredients.
  • We honestly mention the full composition used in our products.
  • We do not use any ingredients that may be harmful to the skin.
  • We do not exaggerate the effectiveness of our products

JEUDERM has its own laboratory and production  facilities, which employs highly qualified employees in the field of research and development of active ingredients and formulations of various cosmeceuticals and mesoceuticals products that meet any customer’s needs and expectations. Company offer only ready-made products and perform at a high professional level. We distinguish the effectiveness of our cosmetics

Strict multi-level quality Q&C process, starting from raw materials, manufacturing, filling, packaging and ending with the control of the finished product. JEUDERM offers the elite functional transdermal cosmeceuticals, which has high-quality and price competitiveness. Our products are focused on Primary target – professional cosmetological and dermatological centers and hospitals of plastic surgery.

The laboratory of JEUDERM has an optimized, cost-effective peptide production system and facilities that can reduce the high cost of active ingrediets production process.