About Us

‘Skin Dead Sea’ laboratories specialize in manufacture, development and marketing products for cosmetologists.

The company was co-founded in 2009 and has put a target to use water (aqua), Dead Sea minerals and natural ingredients that are manufactured with a special process, to improve skin’s appearance and texture.

The Dead Sea contains 26 essential minerals, in which a dozen of them don’t exist elsewhere around the world. Natural minerals are essential to our well being, renewal and maintaining of skin cells. Salts from the Dead Sea are known of its efficiency and capability to disinfection and remove harmful substances from the skin.

Mineral and mud from the Dead Sea make a unique combination which stimulate the blood circulation that increase the oxygen on the skin and remove radicals that harm it; strengthens skin tissue, removes dead skin cells and provides a healthier and youthful skin and hair.

Dermatologists and chemist from Israel and overseas, develop the products focusing finding solutions for common skin situations such as seborrhea, acne, hyper pigmentation, skin aging, wrinkles and couperose. The micro capsule contains the concentrated and active substance, which dissolve with contact of the skin.

Science, technology and knowledge integration has led our company to manufacture paraben-free formulas with natural ingredients and peptides that are not animal tested.

Branches worldwide are marketed by independent distributors from Eastern European countries Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia to the United States. In Israel the marketing are through cosmetologist then to the final costumer, to allow a synergy between cosmetic treatment and home care treatment.